Glinka CD Release
Inga Fiolia releases Glinka's seldom played piano variations
on her debut CD February 10th 2017
with Naxos Grand Piano Label
in honour of Glinka's 160th anniversary of his death.

Glinka CD is now Grand Piano's best sold CD ever in Germany

Stars of Tomorrow - Revisited
Inga was already twice a guest on Rolando Villazons
ZDF / Arte Stars of Tomorrow.
For the second time as "BEST OF STARS" and
the only pianist.
As a result, she is already familiar to a million-plus audience.

Upcoming Appointments
12-14th April 2018: CD Recording (Solo Album Cologne)
4th April 2018: Mallorca, recital
9th June 2018 | 2018: Debut Recital at the Piano Festival Ruhr
Essen Haus Fuhr (Glinka/Debussy/Ravel)
DVD Stars of Tomorrow - Unitel Classica 2015
Her performance of a selection of
Scriabin Preludes and
Mendelssohn's Piano Concerto No. 1 was released on

New Release

Inga Fiolia is releasing her second Glinka CD on 08.06.2018